The Best Songs of 2017 | Isa Milk & Sarah Cicolini

The year is almost over. So, Chef Sarah Cicolini and I have decided to write down our combined top ten favorite songs of the year. Music will save us – by this I mean everyone needs to have some peace of mind and listening to music is the only way that we know.

I’ve chosen Sarah Cicolini as my co-writer because she has taught me that Music is something to take seriously.

Enjoy our playlist!


1. Leg Over – Major Lazer, French Montana, Mr Eazi

I don’t usually dance but when I hear this song, I feel the beat and unconsciously start to move my body.

I remember very clearly when I saw Major Lazer in concert and I highly recommend seeing them live if you’re fan of their music!

2. Taciturnal – Coez feat. Gemello

Coez e Gemello are two Roman rappers that I have been following since they started out.

This deep track elicits emotion like no other that I have heard this year.

3. Portland – Drake

This track, from More Life, in my opinion has the best flow of the entire album.

It feels as though Drake can do no wrong and everything that he touches in his career turns to gold.

4. Tu t’é scurdate e me – Liberato

This was the song of my summer.

I think Liberato is a real genius and I love his unique approach to the music industry.

5. Everyday is Christmas – Sia

It’s that time of the year again. Thank God for Sia and for Christmas too!

Isa Milk

6. Selfish – Rihanna e Future 

My favorite track of 2017. Rihanna and Future…what more do I need to say?

7. Humble – Kendrick Lamar

Damn is one the best albums of the last decade. It holds up amazingly well both musically and lyrically.

8. Shape of you – Ed Sheeran

… because I just want to dance, dance, dance.

9. The weekend – SZA

She’s beautiful and sexy, and an incredible singer and songwriter too. GODDESS! SZA lets women know on this track that they are not alone and that it’s ok to be vulnerable.

10. Cardi B – Bodak yellow

She’s the prime example of the American Dream.

Goodbye 2017! Thank you for the good vibes 🙂